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If you do not difficulty to learn what these costs are, look to cut as many as you can, and create sure that the ones you do accumulate will be light, then you may find that all your income is eaten up. Now, if you look back at the top chart, you can see that the blue numbers are getting bigger again lately. American Intl Group, Inc. (AIG) – Shares of American Intl Group, Inc. are back above $36 but are starting to look tired. There is no denying that there are multiple potential crises unfolding around the world, and one of these crises may be large enough, in terms of global and cross sector consequences, to cause a major market pull back. Drew stated that one of the original copies of the forecast had been in his possession since 1935, and as each year was divided into six parts he added in his book the actual fluctuations of the Dow Jones Industrial Averages by plotting the high and low for each two-month period. Dow Jones is up 200 points on this news, Nasdaq up 23, S&P 500 up 29 points. To comply with President Roosevelt’s demand, Babson in turn consulted the largely unknown Canadian mathematician George Marechal, who recently had managed to work out how the highs and lows of the Dow Jones Industrial Index repeated themselves in predetermined sequences.


So finally it was Marechal who produced a Dow Jones Index Forecast Chart over the next 15 years for the Roosevelt administration, that proved to be spectacularly accurate. I know of people who everyday evening go through over 2000 charts or more in search of their esoteric patterns. Cash return to trendy boutique holders: The decision to decision to return about $100 billion more in cash to stockholders in buybacks and dividends by 2015 has to be viewed as vindication for those (like David Einhorn) who have arguing that Apple should be explicit about its future plans for cash and that it should distribute a large chunk cash with stockholders. 2) It provided government insurance of those pension plans in the form of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. One form of an ETF is known as SPDRs or Standard & Poor’s Depositary Receipts. One year from the date of purchase, it will pay $50,0000. It is top of my agenda because it has its full year 2015 profit out on Wednesday and there is much talk of oh its had its best days behind it, it wont be long before its doing its best impression of a Pumpkin Patch (a stock I once owned)or Postie Plus (again a stock I used to own).


It is entirely based on the moon’s north node, which completes a full cycle every 18.6-years. This is the same cycle that Louise McWhirter used to predict the stock market as well. So thinking of the financial markets, if the regulators were to do something that changes the “viscosity of money”, making it flow more or less easily, then we would likely see changes in the way that waves propagate through that medium as well. Such changes might include restrictions on shorting stocks, the advent of money market funds, the introduction of stock index futures and options, leveraged ETFs, etc. All of these affect the ease with which money can flow into and through the stock market. While my $1,200 TSLA Price Target was met on Thursday, I feel confident that $1,800 will be met in 2021. In fact, I might even be way to conservative. As soon as Citigroup closes above this level, I will buy back in. Shouldn’t senior employees use their own money to buy shares and wouldn’t that be a better incentive for them to achieve positive results?